Vision –mission – core value

Vision –mission – core value


  • To become the top leading enterprise providing integrated and integratd logistics services of Viet Nam


  • Alway perfeting the logistics service supply chain nationwide.
  • Create general logistics solutions to mee all customer's requirements.
  • Owning, operating and exploiting many top logistics centers in Viet Nam


  • Innovation: We are always improving our logistics supply chain
  • Cooperation: We are ready to cooperate with any partner
  • Respect: We always respect our customers, employees & partners
  • Care: Take care of customer is always our top concern
  • Responsibility: We are always responsibe for the services we are provided


  • Focus on expanding and sustainable development to our core business
  • Completing the nationwide supply chain of logistics services, especially in key provinces and cities
  • Invest in companies with financial potentials and facilities to support and increase the supply chain of logistics services
  • Linking with other businesses in the same industry to expand infrastructure, cooperate with the motto ò mutual benefit
  • Best meet the needs of customers through optimizing the service quality of the company
  • Apply advanced corporate governance and logistics service management systems